R.V. drives ball 175 yds and hits cart sign,
one in a million shot
Here is a glimps of how the BWA
Brethern faired on Dark Horse
Click On Image To In-large
R.V. BWA Pres. hooks a 3lb Bass On LOP
S. Clare Hooks a LOP Bass 9/28/06
D.R.'s BIG BASS 4lbs 7oz, BWA Record
Captain of th DFR Boat S. Clare
D.R. and R.V. Trout Fishing on Tahoe 9/29/06
This one is an
eye teaser.  If
you look close
you can just
make out the
Trout in the
water at the
Fanny Bridge
in Tahoe on

Makes for
good fishing!
D.R., A.k.A. "Heavy D." at the Dam and Fanny Bridge in
Tahoe. 9/30/06
Scotty C. joins Heavy D. at the Fanny Bridge and
posses for a quick pic.  Dig the GQ Pose
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The official location of the BWA
2006 getaway.  Truly an awesome
place to get your fill of R and R.
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