Basscapade 2011
“Fish are the Bonus”
By Dwight RobertS
On April 29th the 8th Annual Basscapade 2011 began. This year seven fishermen from Castro Valley got
together to hold their fishing tournament at Lake Shasta. In the Dept. of Fish Research boat were Captain
Scott Clare, Guy Warren, Randy Branaugh and Dalton Jiminez. On the Blue Water Bay Runner were
Captain Willie Arnold, Dustin Roberts and Dwight Roberts. The rules are simple; “which boat will catch
the most fish and the biggest fish per day”. The prize is to get your name on the perpetual trophy and
bragging rights for the next year. In the past years we usually have four fishing boats on the trip, but due
to family commitments, slow economy and injury’s (founder Royce Valencia had a ruptured Achilles
tendon), only two boats made it this year.

As we made our way toward Shasta our luck still was a little shaky when one of the sleeping bags flew
out of the Bay Runner Boat onto the freeway. After being notified by a soldier on his way to Travis Air
Force Base, the Bay Runner fishermen retrieved the two sleeping bags from the center line of Highway
680. We are happy to say they were only slightly damaged and only had a few tire marks from several
cars and a semi truck (the sleeping bags not the fishermen).  Now we were really ready for some
As soon as we pulled off at “Bill and Cathy’s” for some chicken fried steak we noticed the parking lot was
empty and the lights were off. A lass the World Famous Bill and Cathy’s had succumbed to the bad
economic times. Our second choice was, “Granzella’s ” in Williams, CA. They not only were open for
breakfast, but they served chicken fried steak! The fishermen were back on track. Next stop, “Phil’s
Propeller Shop” in Redding, CA for some last minute tackle and advice. It’s always fun to watch Guy
Warren jump out of the truck and sprint to the front door to purchase all of the latest fishing lures.
This year traveling to Lake Shasta was the prettiest ride we have ever had. With the snow capped
mountains as a backdrop for the Spring Wildflowers and the cool crisp spring air. Shasta Mountain was
completely covered in snow as was Mount Lassen.
When we arrived at the “Jones Valley Resort” on Lake Shasta, we were greeted by the manager Corrie.
The fishermen loaded up and we left for the “Dry Creek” arm close to the dam. A 25-35 MPH wind slowed
the 55 ft. long Venture houseboat down and the trip to Dry Creek took four and a half hours, one hour
longer than normal.
On April 30th the fishermen awoke to 37 degree temp and a 10-15 MPH wind. This is not good fishing
weather. The water temp was 54 degrees with no chance of warming and the lake level was raising six
inches everyday due to the snow melt. The first fish was caught early by Dustin Roberts. It was a rainbow
trout and it weighed in at 1lb. After fishing till late morning, with only two more hookups and no other boat
pulling out their nets, the fishermen took a break to relax and regroup. After filling up on a delicious
dinner of Smoked Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, homemade applesauce followed by
Blueberry Swirl Cake, they tried again and still only hooked one more fish. These tuff fishing conditions
held true for the next two days.
After enjoying each other’s company and the natural beauty of the mountains and lake, the catching of
any trout or bass was just a bonus. The final count was 13 trout and 15 Bass. The Bay Runner Captain
Willie Arnold won title of, “Most Fish” with 7 and also the title of “Biggest Fish” with a 1lb 15oz rainbow
Looks like we'll just have to give it another try next year.
Need Some Players on the Fly? Who You Going To Call?
The BWA Brethren!
5th Annual Rutheford DPM Golf Tournament
On August 15, 2011 four BWA Brethren where invited to play in the 5th Annual Rutheford DPM Golf
Tournament at Richmond Country Club. The event was held to raise scholarship funds for Pediatry
Medical Students at Samuel Merritt University.

Brethren Scott Paulsen, Scott Clare, Royce Valencia and Dwight Roberts participated in the event with
two of the Brethen's beautiful wives, Sue Valencia and Julie Roberts. This was the first unsanctioned
BWA event that any BWA wife has played in and much to their surprise the ladies gave them the
competitive edge they were looking for to compete. Both Julie and Sue helped to elevate their team to the
middle of the pack!

Throughout the friendly golf tournament there were many individual competitions where BWA Brethren
have been know to excel! The first victory went to Royce Valencia in the long drive, closest to the line
event where Royce's ball landed literally three inches from the line. His prize for this event was a cool
$100! The second victory went to Dwight Roberts, who performed miraculously from a cold start and with
a foreign putter, by acing the putting contest hole in 1 putt! The third and final victory went to everyone
as the food at the Richmond Country Club was amazing!

The BWA and its affiliates would like to offer a special thanks to Sue Valencia for her sponsorship and
quick thinking in making the right decision to call on the BWA Brethren, a force for good in a world
The Boys Are Back!
On the weekend of September 29, 2011, six long time friends, going back to the time they were
students at Hayward High School in the 1970’s, Scott Christiansen, Scott Clare, Mike
Engledinger, Scott Paulsen, Dwight Roberts and Royce Valencia,  have gotten together for the
past 26 years for what they call the BWA (Boys Weekend Away).   It includes each bringing along
their best fishing gear, hoping for the biggest catch of the day, along with a very competitive golf
tournament.  The offer from founding member, Royce Valencia, “The Dog”, who recently
purchased a cabin at Lake of the Pines in Auburn to use for this year’s BWA was quickly
accepted by all.   
As scheduled, the golf tournament was at Dark Horse Country Club in the Sierra Foothills, where
they enjoyed playing on such a beautiful and challenging mountain course.  They informed the
starter of their 26th anniversary and he responded, “That’s great, but the foursome on the tee
box is celebrating their 29th”.   Three brethren tied with a low gross score of 90: Scott
Christiansen, Scott Paulsen, and Dwight Roberts.   Scott Christiansen proved to be the man to
beat, winning with a low gross of 83.    
An added attraction was to wear the new BWA shirts donated by Royce Valencia, who
purchased them in an appropriate size for each, no one quite the size they were in high school.   
After the tournament, they traveled using a patio boat for transportation to the Lake of the Pines
Club House for a prime rib dinner.
It was rise and shine with the sun the next morning to begin a two day bass tournament to battle
for fishing titles, most fish and most weight.   The Bass Heaven with Captain Dwight Roberts
and co-pilots Scott Paulsen and Christiansen won with 8 fish caught totaling 12 lbs 6 oz.  Royce
Valencia caught the biggest fish before the tournament began weighing 5 lbs, 6 oz.
They enjoyed the surprised arrival of a special guest, Rick Felson, also from Castro Valley, who
was a 1973 Hayward High School Graduate.    Fun for the group on Sunday included watching
NFL games and rooting for both Bay Area teams, that set the group in the right mood and
appetite ready for the 17 pound turkey that had been barbequing all day.  
This year Scott Christiansen (“Coach”) was “Mr. October” for sportsmanship in the Golf
Tournament and  Fishing Derby with a 2nd and 1st place win.    
Always a fun time for the BWA, with lots of laughter, fine dining and keen competition whether
on the golf course, playing a card game, or trying to catch the biggest fish.