This year from September 25th to the 28th, the BWA Brethren, (Boys Weekend Away) returned to glory after one
year off due to the illness with one of the member’s spouses. The six 1973 and 1974 Hayward High School
graduates got together at Bass Lake , California. Members of class of 73 were Mike Engeldinger and Scott
Paulsen, Class of 74 members were Dwight Roberts, Royce Valencia, Scott Christiansen and Scott Clare. They
have been getting together to discuss glory days for the past 24 years along with participating in sporting events
such as golf, tennis, fishing and Frisbee golf. The brethren, now all over 50, or so, have tamed a bit and decided
to add sightseeing as an activity they could enjoy too. Their scheduled activities:
Day One Golf at Riverbend Golf Course in Madera, where two time blind bogie champ was Royce Valencia, who
went on to win for a third consecutive time with a low net score of 66. Scott Paulsen was second with a low net
score of 69. The highlighted score was Scott Clare who was even par after 6 holes which was the all time best
start ever. He finished with a low gross of 84, a career low. He explained his low score was due to the current
economic conditions and being temporarily unemployed he had some extra time to improve his golf game.
Day Two All six men packed into a 200
6 Ford king cab pickup to go sightseeing in Yosemite National Park, to minimize the BWA carbon footprint in the
Valley, as well as, save $20 on a park entrance fee. Little did they know that September 26, 2009, is National Parks
Day and fees to enter all National Parks are free. They saw the trickling Bridal Veil Falls, El Capitan, Half Dome and
enjoyed lunch at the Awanhee Lodge.
Day Three Some early morning fishing for bass in Bass Lake was anticipated, however, not a fish was seen or
heard, even using a two fish finder GPS, and a black box scanner in a Custom Weld boat. This left time to relax and
watch both early and late NFL games, after which the BWA business meeting was held that included presentation
of 2009 BWA Apparel, awards for hair styles: Mike Engeldinger, nicest color, Royce Valencia, finest and thinnest,
Scott Clare, thickest and bushiest, Scott Christiansen, most forehead and Dwight Roberts, best someone else’s
hair. An update on everyone’s health was discussed along with plans for the 25th annual meeting in 2010 with
hope it will be a happy and healthful year for the brethren and their families.
Day Four Mike Engeldinger and Royce Valencia left before 6:00 am to make a business meeting in Stockton and
the Fresno area and the other brethren left shortly after. All agreed they must focus on working harder in the
coming year in their respective businesses.
On Friday, May 1, 2009, local Castro Valley
fishermen took off for their annual event of
enjoying four days of fishing on beautiful Lake
Shasta.   This year all the regulars showed up
even though the weather report looked less than
optimal conditions.  The locals were:  Royce
Valencia, Randy Branaugh, Guy Warren, Dwight
Roberts and son, Dustin, Dalton Jimenez and Jeff
Morgan.  Others from the 925 area code were
Scott Clare and Mark Scheidt, who left the
Danville area right on time, as per the Trip
Itinerary, at 8:00 a.m.  They all stopped at Bill
and Kathy’s Restaurant in Williams for chicken
fried steak and eggs before continuing on to Phil’
s Propeller Shop at Lake Shasta for any needed
fishing gear.  As they were unloading all the stuff
from the truck onto the luxurious 55 foot long
Escapade Houseboat rented from Jones Valley
Marina some light sprinkles started.  It quickly
turned into ever present moisture but the
basscapaders decided to continue on with their
short 4 day adventure.  

The rain continued for 40 straight hours without a
let up.  The hearty fisherman now dressed like
crab fisherman from the popular TV show “World’
s Most Deadliest Catch”, continued fishing as
they road up the Pitt River.  First day’s results 14
rainbow trout and 35 spotted bass.   The biggest
rainbow was caught by Randy Branaugh, a 4.5
pound lunker on a 4 pound test line.

Day Two   The weather let up for six hours and
the fisherman enjoyed partially clouded skies and
the fishing slowed.   They caught 13 rainbow
trout, and 22 catch and release bass.  By 5:00
that evening it started sprinkling again and turned
into heavier drops and then a consistent curtain
of continuous pelting drops with no place to dry
off their clothing, boots and equipment.  The
soaked fisherman huddled on the covered rear
deck to discuss the day’s events, trade stories
and perhaps sip an adult beverage.

Day Three The fishing was light, 2 trout, and 20
catch and release bass.  Little did the
basscapaders realize, but a much bigger storm
was coming that evening.  They enjoyed a tasty
dinner of hand cut barbecue steaks, sautéed
mushrooms, grilled corn on the cob, salsa
flavored salad, and lemon cake.  They all relaxed
in the kitchen area next to the imitation fireplace
to watch the James Bond 007 movie “Quantum
of Solace.”  Heavy rain continued to pelt the
houseboat all evening.

All in all, it was agreed this was one of our best
and most memorable fishing trips.  The “Gold
Hook Award” went to Randy Branaugh for
catching the biggest trout and his boat captain
Scott Clare.       

These hearty fishermen certainly experienced
what was reported in the newspaper:   The
Shasta Lake area had 108 hours of straight rain
and Lake Shasta had risen 4 feet in 5 days!     
On 03/12/09 BWA Brethren once again attended the
California Waterfowl Association Dinner at the Moose Lodge
in Castro Valley. In attendance this year was Scott Clare and
Dustin Roberts. Other attendee's who enjoyed the event from
the front most table were Daniel Beck and Willie Arnold, both
of which had not shot a duck in the last two years, come to
think of it none of us had. Oh well, great to be with good
friends and family at such a charitable event.
The Castro Valley
March 18, 2010
Give what you can, when you can! That seemed to be the motto for the 150+ contributors
at the Annual California Waterfowl Association Dinner in Castro Valley. Local business
men and women gathered at Willow Park Golf Course early Thursday night to enjoy the
event. BWA Members Dwight Roberts and Scott Clare were accompanied by their two first
born sons, Dustin Roberts and Hunter Clare, to support the CWA. Everyone had a great
time playing games and chatting together as the night wore on. Eventually the time came
to sit down and eat. To our surprise the food was fantastic, apparently the owners
purchased a Louisiana smoker, making their blackened chicken and beef brisket a treat
for everyone. In fact, it was so good that some of the CWA patrons didn't waste any of their
time on what seemed to become the insignificant act of chewing before they swallowed!
Delicious! After dinner the raffle and live auction began. Brian Morrison of B.A. Morrison
Heating and Air Conditioning won a Sig Assault Rifle right out the gate. As they say,
sometimes it's better to be lucky than good! Finally after all of the donated items were
auctioned and raffled off the attendees received some small desserts and were sent home
with full belly's, good memories, and good company.

Having arrived precisely on time the first order of business was to load the
55 foot long, two story, Escapade houseboat and launch the 4 fishing
boats to proceed into the Pit River. Fishing was always good in the upper
end of the Pit when the water was low but this year the playing field was
two times larger than previous years.   After docking the houseboat in a
cove the fisherman began to pre fish the area.  The radar screens on the
boats looked like there were loads of fish.  Dustin Roberts steps off the
houseboat with his fishing pole to tie the boat to a tree, makes his first
cast and hooks his first bass of the trip.  First cast, First Fish! This could
be a good weekend.
Saturday, May 1st, the anglers head out early.  Given the height of the
water they realize it will take some time to locate the spot where they
caught fish last year.  The Custom Weld Captain, Scott Clare with
deckhands, Randy Branaugh, Guy Warren and Dalton Jiminez head out.  
At dawn, on Friday the 30th of April, ten Castro Valley anglers awoke       
with the anticipation of their 7th annual Basscapade adventure to Lake
Shasta! With promises of fishing for trout and bass, shooting clay targets,
and eating great food, the men eagerly gathered and were soon on their
way. Wasting little or no time the four truck, four boat caravan was quick
to arrive at Jones Valley Resort but not before their two mandatory stops.
The first at Bill and Kathys Diner in Dunnigan, for chicken fried steak and
eggs, followed by the second, at Phil’s Propeller Shop for the latest
update on Lake Shasta fishing.  Delighted to arrive at Lake Shasta the
anglers were surprised to find the lake so full. With the waterline only 5
feet from the trees and the lake rising daily it was fair to say that the guys
were in for a treat! To the anglers this was a welcome surprise. A full lake
means lots of water and to a state suffering from a couple years of
drought, it is good news! Another lovely sight was Mount Lassen and
Mount Shasta, covered with snow, dominating the scenery surrounding
the lake.
The weather was 40 degrees with a water temperature of 54 and to their
relief, sunny skies overhead, unlike last year where it rained for 108 hours
straight.  Within two hours they returned, not only unable to find their
fishing hole which was now 70 feet underwater but also without as much
as a bite !The Bay Runner boat captain Willie Arnold,  a seasoned trout
fisherman for over forty years and his deckhand, Dwight Roberts, never
got a look.  Willie, returning to Basscapade after a 4 year hiatus, wanted
to show the boys that he hadn’t forgot how to catch fish but that just
wasn't going to happen today.  After enjoying smoked pork chops,
mashed potatoes and gravy, asparagus and homemade applesauce, the
Anglers decided to move the houseboat in the morning to the Dry Creek
area located next to the Shasta Dam, 3 hours away.   Fishing that evening
looked promising.   Bass fisherman, Royce Valencia and his partner Jeff
Morgan, took the high performance Javalin bass boat and caught several
small spotted bass using drop shot, shaky head and shinko techniques.
Sunday morning began early with the new found opportunities of the Dry
Creek arm beckoning the anglers to give it a fresh start. To their surprise
a trout tournament had begun this same morning and the arm was full of
boats. Pressure on the fish would be heavy but the experience of Castro
Valley anglers was genuinely second to none. Before long Captain Mark
Scheidt and his deckhand Dwight Roberts boarded the Caravelle, Mark’s  
hybrid fishing and ski boat with it new state of the art 3D fish finder! The
two ran watermelon dodgers with red cripplers but nothing seemed to
work. It didn’t take long for Mark to make the decision to bring out old
faithful, a large night crawler trailing 150ft off the back on the surface. Not
a second later “BAM!” fish on! Word spread quickly through the Dry
Creek arm and before long everyone was catching fish. Quickly the
disappointment from the day before was overcome by pride and laughter
as the anglers told each other there new fish stories always keeping in
mind the saying by Captain Willie Arnold, “Never Let the Truth Get in the
Way of a Good Fish Story!”
Final fish count for Basscapade 2010 was 32 trout, 5 land locked salmon, over 40 (catch and release)
bass and a collection of fish stories that will never be told the same way twice!
Going strong after 25 years . . . .

On the eve of celebrating their 25th annual BWA gathering the six founding members slept restlessly with the
anticipation of the weekend to come. The date was September 24th and the attending members were Scott
Christiansen, Scott Clare, Mike Engledinger, Scott Paulsen, Dwight Roberts and Royce Valencia. Who are the BWA?
Founded in 1985 the BWA which stands for Boys Weekend Away is a group of Hayward High Graduates (Class of 1974)
that have stayed friends throughout the years and have all agreed to set aside one weekend a year to celebrate the
longevity and strength of their friendship.  This weekend would be different from the others because this weekend the
BWA would be celebrating their 25th Anniversary!

To honor this momentous occasion the BWA decided to choose a venue which would accommodate all their very active
lifestyles. A motion was put forth by original member Scott Paulsen to perhaps rent a cabin on Pine Mt. Lake near
Yosemite and being the sportsmen that are all members quickly approved this motion into BWA history. Arrangements
were made and before they knew it the group had acquired a gorgeous cabin with a breath taking view of the glimmering
water of Pine Mt. Lake and a private dock covered with the remnants of the native geese. The group never took a break
the entire stay organizing and participating in a large array of competitive sports including, Frisbee Golf, Fishing, Poker,
Pool, and an intense Golf Tournament. This year’s winner at golf for the first time was Dwight Roberts shooting 87 with a
net score of 63, to receive the stand alone perpetual trophy a BWA tradition.

On Saturday brethren Royce Valencia once again adorned the life long members with a new 25th Anniversary addition
polo’s. Colorfully decorated with their personal insignia and recently inducted motto “BFL” (Brothers For Life) the polo
shirts were a huge hit and were worn throughout the remainder of the weekend. Special guest Eddie Pestana was
fortunate enough to receive a members only uniform upon the decision of acting president and founder Royce Valencia,
which he proudly accepted with a smile. Also in attendance was Brethern Dwight Roberts’s son Dustin Roberts who was
awarded the honorary documentarian and sue chief duties for this momentous occasion.

As mandated by tradition the BWA annual business meeting was held and everyone was put in a very sentimental mood
as they watched a DVD made by documentarian, Dustin Roberts, who put together previous years’ photos for a slide
show presentation of  BWA events. The show was complimented be period appropriate music including music by:  
Boston, Journey, Lynard Skinner, and Tower of Power.  
It is amazing for them to think about all the changes that have happened since this group started in 1986, and then be
updated on what’s going on currently.   Some are counting heads to confirm how many of their grown children are still
living at home.  Not so for one of the brethren who has 3 children, all under 10 years old, the youngest ready to start pre-
school.  For another, all 3 of his children are in college at the same time, another has 2 sons already settled in their jobs,
one a police officer and the other making a career in the Coast Guard.  Another has 2 children, one in nursing school
and the other in high school, and another reported the youngest of his 3 children graduated from college this year and
each are on their own, sort of, in Phoenix and San Francisco.    Lastly, a brethren with 2 children, became a first time
grandfather with the birth of a little gem named Lilly, who loves her “Papa”.

After a period of reflection the Brethern decided to close the weekend on positive note with the thoughts of years past
and anticipation of years to come. A parting mention was made about continuing to enjoy the good times in their golden
years and a reminder for each to thank their families for their support of this special time away each year.