Dwights Birthday Golf Classic
Good Friday 2012
New Water Breads New Oppurtunity!
Basscapade 2012

This year’s Basscapade event was held from May 4 to May 8, 2012, at Lake Shasta.  This is
the 9th year that 7 Castro Valley businessmen have met to participate in a Trout Derby and
Bass Fishing Tournament.  The Shasta Seven included Randy Branaugh, Scott Clare,
Dwight Roberts, Guy Warren, Dwight’s sons, Duran and Dustin Roberts and friend Dalton
Jiminez.  All seasoned Basscapade attendees with exception of Duran the newly appointed

This year, for the first time, a second generation boat was brought by expert sportsman
Dalton Jiminez. As expected a friendly competition ensued between the two boat captains
and their crews. On the Dept. of Fish Research boat Captain Scott C. carefully selected his
two running mates, Guy and Randy, forming the “OGG’s” (Old Guy Group). On the second
boat first time captain Dalton, conjoined old knowledge with the stamina of youth by
acquiring Dwight, Dustin and Duran, forming “The 4 D’s”

After settling in to their Jones Valley Houseboat “TheTraveler” (55’ long and 18’ wide).  Scott
and Randy commented that the younger guys were handling things quite well, and observed
how Dustin and Dalton were driving and navigating the house boat to where they would drop
anchor on their first stop.  Guy, Scott and Dwight found it to be “time for a nap.”  
The OGG group left at 6:00 a.m. with high hopes the first catch of the day would be a
winner.  The 4 D’s stayed in bed until 7:15, with the younger ones feeling the affect of “party
time” the night before.  They were able to be ready by 8:00 to start fishing.  Very impressive
that even with a slow start the day ended with the 4 D’s able to show their fishing skills with
Duran catching the biggest trout, 2.5 pounds, Dustin, the biggest bass, 3 pounds 14 ounces,
and Dalton the most fish, 32 total.  No time for cheering with the OGG group who got zero
fish but were able to report  they enjoyed a nice boat ride around the lake.  They did catch a
couple fish the next day and on the last day the 4 D’s shared their “lucky” fishing poles with
the OGG group but they weren’t able to come close to what the 4 D’s caught on the first day.
The weather was just as ordered, 30 degrees in the morning and warming to 70 degrees
each day.  It was truly another memorable Basscapade event for the records.  
On July 17th 2012 the brethern arranged a surprise birthday dinner for founding
member Brethern Scott Paulsen. The dinner took place a Chefs Experience
Chinese Bistro in Hayward California. In attendance was Brethren Scott Paulsen,
Scott Clare, Royce Valencia and Dwight Roberts. Also in attendance to
commemorate this mounumentis occasion was brethern wives Sue Valencia, Jan
Clare and Julie Roberts. Although gifts would have been gratuitously accepted,
none were given save one, a beautiful brand new Invinty G35 SUV which was
purchased by the birthday man himself, Mr.Paulsen for Mr.Paulsen. It was heard
that he said “You always get what you want when you by it yourself” and that is
the truth! Happy Birthday Scott!
Boy Weekend Away Celebrates Another Year
of Friendship, Competition, Food and Fatigue!