Name = Royce V.
Submit Stories = A review of the latest BWA get away. We spent a night at Squaw
Creek Resort The room we had was enough for all the guy's. Overlooking the 1st
Tee and with a great view of the Squaw Valley Ski slopes you could not ask for
more. I must say that the price of our room was a little on the high side $850+
per night for what was there. The bed rooms were fine although we needed a
hide-a bed in order to sleep 5. Had all the brethren been in attendance we would
have been cramped and 1 bed short. The room was broken up in such a way I found
it to be not the best layout I have ever seen. The living room was small and the
kitchen even smaller. A comment was made that the light over the dinning table
was not centered. These are very small things I know however if a group was to
spend more than 1 night they might fine the room not user friendly.

There were some good things to say about this location. There were ample places
to eat, the pool and hot tub's were perfect to relax in after a long day of
golf. The food was good (we went Italian) but as per the boy's not great. Some
of the guy's went outside the box when ordering ( Rabbit,Duck )which may have led
to the less than glowing report of the food. Their is a Grill and another
restaurant( the name escapes me) to choose from so you have options.The price of
our meal was in line with what was ordered. It was not cheap but as I said in
line with what was ordered. There were places to shop if you wanted,Clothing,
Mens & Women, Jewelery, Art. The prices were high but the quality looked good.
Some of the BWA boy's tried to buy some apparel but had no luck working the sale
rack looking for the good deal.

In closing I will say this, don't come here if you want to go cheap. The golf
course is hard and the wind blows most of the time which makes a tough course
even tougher. There is no place to play Friz but you can rent bikes and ride the
trails around the resort and Ski weather permitting. On a 1 to 10 Fishing Pole
rating scale (1 the worst 10 the Best ) I give Squaw Valley Resort 5 poles.
This is just 1 man's opinion but we have to look out for BWA goers and give a
fair review of what we came across.
Thank You